Sweet Trivia

  • The name bonbon or bon-bon originates from the French word “bon” meaning “good”.
  • The old ŠUMI building in Ljubljana housed the ŠUMI bar. The generation that thronged in this popular bar since 1966 has importantly marked the social and creative life of Ljubljana.
  • Miki Muster drew the famous ŠUMI opera singer for the HIGH C candy ad.
  • Until the merger with the manufacturer of Gorenjka chocolate, Šumi also produced chocolate products; and the Imperial company also produced chocolate. Therefore, the name of the first chocolates was Imperial and ŠUMI.
  • Currently ŠUMI manufactures 4000 tonnes of candy and 1000 tonnes of chewing gum annually. 85 percent of the volume is exported.
  • For transport of 5000 tonnes of candy and chewing gum they would need 200 trucks. 5000 tonnes of candy consist of 700 million pieces of candy.
  • To consume all the candy produced at home in Slovenia, every Slovene from the youngest to the oldest should eat at least one piece of candy per day for the whole year.
  • Should all candy that Šumi produces on a yearly basis be eaten by one single person, he or she would have to eat 100 pieces of candy per day and live 19,178 years!
  • If the 700 million pieces of candy that Šumi produces on a yearly basis were set one by one, it would make a sweet snake running for 21,000 km which makes more than half of the circumference of the Earth along the equator!