Šumi Fruit jelly candies with the Vegan certificate

Šumi Fruit jelly candies now boast the European V-label certificate for vegan products awarded by the European vegetarian union.

V-Label certificate is an internationally recognised symbol registered for labelling vegan and vegetarian products and services. It is a simple and solid guidance on shopping for consumers striving for vegan and vegetarian diet. The uniform criteria of the certificate provide standardised labelling of vegan and vegetarian products across Europe, thus enhancing transparency and clarity in the commercial environment.

“Products with vegan certificate do not contain raw material of animal origin, or they contain it in quantities not exceeding the limit set for vegan products. Vegan and vegetarian principles are applied in the production process, while at the same time these products do not contain GMO”, said Jelka Rozman, Quality and Food Safety Manager at Žito, on the occasion of receiving the certificate.

“The Certified Vegan Logo was awarded to Šumi Fruit Jelly and Fruit Jelly double flavour candies. These multi-coloured jelly candies are made of ingredients of 100% vegetable origin, offering a nice blend of fruit tastes. Besides, they have a high content of natural fruit juices and fragrances, and do not contain any artificial colourings”, explains Jerneja Turk Strmšek, Šumi Brand Manager.

Fruit jelly double flavour

Fruit jelly